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AES Drilling Fluids services the United States market, providing drilling fluids systems and products throughout major unconventional shale plays and the Gulf Coast. Our success is a result of quality products, innovative solutions, and unmatched customer service. From the well site to the customer office, AES Drilling fluids is prepared to successfully deliver on any challenging project.

Customer service is central to our success. AES strives to build and maintain relationships with our customers to stay ahead of their needs, as drilling programs grow. From single well projects to extensive drilling campaigns, the people at AES have the experience to provide products and recommendations that minimize costs.

As part of the CES Energy Solutions family, AES Drilling Fluids designs and manufactures products specifically for customer needs, while ensuring product quality and reliability. From raw materials to finished product, AES has the experience and resources to serve our customers.

AES continues to grow with the success of our customers, expanding, upgrading, and adding to our infrastructure to ensure Timely delivery of critical products in the areas our customers operate.

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