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We perform primary and remedial cementing services on gas, oil and water wells. We have the knowledge and experience to perform all levels of oilwell cementing activities. We very much want to become your well cementing service provider.

The McConnell family has been in the cementing business since long before even the creation of Advanced Oilwell Services mentioned below. We are proud of the reputation that company enjoyed that was built through hard work and providing quality services at reasonable prices for many years. See below for a brief description of who we are and from where we originated. We are very experienced in oil well cementing and have access to the latest products available to provide a reliable and consistent cement sheath in your wells. Please keep us in mind for all of your upcoming projects.

We employ intense training programs for our supervisors and equipment operators. The programs are designed to teach the fundamental principles of safe and efficient oilfield blending and pumping procedures as well to provide a career path in which our employees can advance their careers. All of our employees are subjected to random drug screening.

Our fleet consists of late model trailer mounted twin cementers, bulk haulers and field bins. Each cementing unit has automatic density control and data acquisition systems for recording the job events. We pride ourselves on our preventative maintenance program and quick response time when the need occurs.

Our own in house cement laboratory provides the key to comprehensive quality control and predictive analysis. We custom blend our slurries to meet your well specifications.

Our services are priced to reflect today’s competitive environment.

Please call us for details and tell us what we can do for you. We look forward to providing you with professional, safe and compliant cementing and pumping services.

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