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AirScience Technologies is a North American based renewable energy company that designs and builds Biogas Upgrading Systems and Equipment for biodigesters and landfill gas applications. Started as designers and builders for air pollution control systems, now specializes mostly in the biogas industry.

Beyond the Biogas purification & upgrading technologies, AirScience technology also specializes in Coke Oven Gas Purification and Valorization, Pyrolysis Gas Purification. Biogas and Landfill Gas Flares for biogas incinerations, and Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers for other gases.

AirScience technologies have enabled power generation from previously flared landfills and biodigesters, produce Pipeline CNG and Transportation CNG, while recently evolving at productions of LNG. They have a worldwide approach and currently has installations in the USA, Canda, Mexico, and India with affiliates in the Middle East and representations in South America

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