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Since 1986, Annugas Compression Consulting Ltd. has been providing oil companies in Western Canada with smart solutions to their well issues. Our dedication to providing top notch customer service and the success of the Annugas Production Enhancer® has facilitated exciting new growth in our company. We've increased our fleet of installation trucks and expanded our head quarters and manufacturing facility to meet the higher volume demands. Looking into the future, Annugas Compression Consulting Ltd. continues to set the standards for excellence and is firmly committed to maintaining and building on the company's reputation as an industry leader.

Manufactured, sold and serviced by Annugas Compression Consulting Ltd. Annugas Production Enhancer® is a single cylinder; double acting gas compressor that is operated by the walking beam of a pumping unit.

TheAnnugas Production Enhancer® double acting gas compressor's main function is to draw gas from the casing side of the well and to discharge the gas into the flow line. By doing so the Annugas Production Enhancer® reduces gas back-pressure on the formation face, thus allowing additional oil to enter the well bore.

The Annugas Production Enhancer® demonstrates its ability as a low cost and efficient gas compressor because of its applicability and its mobility. It carries out its designed function of lowering casing pressure.

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