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Beyond Energy Services & Technology is a private oilfield service company based in Alberta, Canada. While the Beyond Energy name is relatively new, our team members are some of the best known and most experienced MPD and Drilling Fluids professionals globally. Our team came together with the goal to deliver our clients a level of service we thought they were not currently receiving. We accomplish this by developing an equipment package that is the most sophisticated on the market, designed by those who have spent a career in the field. Our MPD package has an 8 hour picker-less rig-in, the smallest footprint in the industry, fully automated set-point controls, a nitrogen backpressure system, a walking system, and a number of other patented features.

Beyond provides MPD and Drilling Fluids support for those applications requiring a detailed analysis and planning of operations (drilling ECD’s, swab and surge models, rollovers, hole cleaning and more). Experienced in HPHT wells, depleted zones and underbalanced drilling, our knowledgeable team can handle any problem you might encounter. We have been designing and supervising operations around the globe for some of the most challenging wells for over 15 years.

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