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Big Foot Metal Systems is a privately owned company that has been in business for 40 years. It has built a strong reputation in the oil industry for its quality of product, workmanship, and the ability to conform to meet the specific needs of the individual business.

Our shop crew manufactures urethane foam panel buildings, self-frame metal buildings, and insulated panels which are used for making utilidor for pipe runs, tank panels, and boxes. A moderate inventory of metal and related materials, which are used to manufacture products for our customers and their specifications, enable the company to provide quick and quality service.

We also manufacture walk doors for our buildings and are able to modify from standard door sizes. We have building crews to install buildings, utilidor, and overhead doors. We also have crews to install pipe insulation and a variety of pipe covering. Due to the variety of sizes, pipe insulation inventory is kept at a minimum level and ordered as required by the customer.

We also work in the maintenance sector by making required repairs to existing buildings, pipe insulation and, if requested, demolition of older buildings. Big Foot Metal Systems always strive to remain competitive in its business sectors and welcomes new and innovative ideas from employees and clients.

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