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CLS, Inc. is the world leader in high pressure compressor fabrication, sales, services and support. We manufacture equipment for applications both large and small, and we offer a variety of plans for rental, leasing or sales.

We carry air and water heat exchangers, gear reduction and speed increasers, as well as many other compressor and engine related accessories. And we specialize in Rotary Screw and reciprocating compressor packages for all applications. In order to provide the highest quality packages with the largest network of parts and service support in the world, all of our new equipment is driven by Caterpillar and Cummins diesel and natural gas engines. We rent, lease, and sell our packages for companies engaged in air drilling, pipeline construction, power generation, oil and gas refining, in addition to food and chemical production.

CLS, Inc. sells parts for all major compressor brands - including many models that are no longer in production. We carry original equipment parts, as well as after-market parts in new or used condition. Additionally, we have a Mechanical Engineer on staff to provide engineering assistance, including compressor design, application sizing, vessel design and manufacturing.

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