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Carbon Upcycling Technologies Inc.


Carbon Upcycling Technologies (CUT) is a Canadian clean-tech company that is changing how the world views CO2 from a costly waste to a profitable commodity. With our propriety technology that manufactures CO2-enriched nanomaterials, we are adding performance and value to industries like concrete, polymers and adhesives, energy storage, solar PV, and more. By improving the products and processes of these fields, CO2 is integrated within a profitable value-chain. This encourages companies that produce waste CO2 to invest in carbon capture technologies so their CO2 can be sold to CUT as a revenue generating asset.

Our proprietary, patented technology chemically adsorbs CO emissions into exfoliated inorganic solids to create a portfolio of fine nanoparticles. Per tonne of product, our technology sequesters sizable quantities of CO and has been proven stable during temperature tests

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