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CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies is a social enterprise dedicated to reducing and eliminating carbon emissions from natural gas heating appliances. The team at CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies have a combined 60 plus years of expertise and experience in engineering, chemistry, legal, manufacturing, heating and cooling, business development and finance. The Technology CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies’ patented CARBiN-X is the world’s first and only fully commercialized heat recovery and carbon capture system designed for the commercial and concentrated residential heating/cooling industry. Heat Recovery CARBiN-X saves up to 20% in energy costs by increasing hot water efficiency. Carbon Capture CARBiN-X reduces up to 20% of natural gas appliance CO2 emissions. By-Product Sales and Profit Sharing Customers share in the profits gained from the sale of captured carbon by-products, including our popular line of soaps and detergents. Return on investment to customer includes energy savings, free preventative maintenance, and profit sharing from the sale of the captured carbon.

Why CARBiN-X? Proven novel technology with minimal impact to the mechanical room. Climate change putting a spotlight on space and water heating. The CleanO2 system could reduce exposure to carbon levies, cap and trade structures or other forms of a price on carbon. The cost of capture becomes negative with the sale of the by-product. CleanO2 becomes an urban carbon mining company, turning a waste product in a necessary feedstock.

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