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Coral Oilfield Services Inc is a leading oilfield service company operating across North America. Coral Oilfield Services supports all aspects of the upstream oil industry with a focus on safety and productivity. We will not only meet but exceed your safety requirements to ensure legislative compliance for our client’s needs. Coral’s advanced oilfield services have been developed based on years of experience in the oilfield. Our specialized technologies and innovative methods for well testing and production testing incorporate the industry’s best practices and full compliance with industry regulations and OSHA recommended practice. Coral Oilfield Services specializes in production well testing and all related operations that apply to well completions and workovers. Coral Oilfield Services can assist with our providing our clients with the latest in technology with our vast inventory of equipment and qualified personnel on all phases and types of exploration, from completions, inline flow tests, work overs, sand and acid frac flowbacks and special services such as management of critical sour gas wells. Our separator packages range from 500psi to 1440psi and are rated for sweet, sour and critical sour well testing operations. At Coral Oilfield Services our personnel are highly qualified and have extensive experience with such wells. We can provide you with services for any size project/contract that you are investing in.

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