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DynaView is an integrated 3D modeling and monitoring platform which utilizes offset well information and seismic data combined with real time m/lwd data to perform statistically weighted 3 dimensional predictive lookahead modeling of geological, petrophysical and pore pressure attributes. The intent of the platform is to reduce geological and petrophysical uncertainties, even in advance of real time, to thus improve both drilling and well performance and avoid GeoHazards.”

Take advantage of the intelligent data loading system and multi well data import to conveniently analyze and develop your geological model. Build your 3D model instantly and gain the insight of analysis and visual capabilities that are provided by truly best in class speed and agility. Import your seismic surfaces from interpretation applications with built in attribute mapping. Correlate your wells to those seismic surfaces and set deformation points in minutes.

DynaView was developed in collaboration with operators, academic researchers, drilling engineers and structural geologists. It has been successfully utilized in multiple environments such as HPHT onshore China, offshore Gulf of Mexico and deepwater West Africa.

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