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Ground Effects Environmental Services Inc.


Started in 1998, Ground Effects Environmental Services Inc. (GEE) is an award-winning company with revolutionary patented technologies for solids control and wastewater contaminant removal for the oil & gas, mining, industrial, municipal and agricultural sectors. With more than 70 industry-leading innovations under our belt, we excel through well researched, leading edge technology and design. We are an industry expert in electrokinetic technologies for a variety of applications that provide astounding results for the ever-changing needs of the industries we serve. Our groundbreaking technology can be found helping customers save money, resources, time and manpower on sites around the world.

Interested in wastewater treatment? Look into our Electrocatalytic Oxidation system--the EOX.

Solids control for onshore or offshore applications? Check out our Electro Separation Cell--the ESC.

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