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Manufacturers and exporters of oil field chemicals used for oil well drilling, onshore as well as offshore.

We manufacture the following products in our plant:

Lignite Powder, (Dispersant, Thinner and water loss reducer)

Causticized Lignite, (Dispersant, Thinner and water loss reducer)

Chrome Lignite, (Dispersant, Mud stabilizer at higher temp – Chromium salts used in the product are trivalent salts which are environmentally accepted – only Chromium hexavelent salts of chromium are banned)

Resinated lignite. (High temp water loss reducer)

Potassium Lignite, (High Temp stable shale stabilizer, to combat cave in problems while drilling in high temp zones)

Amine Treated Lignite, (Stabilizer for Oil Base Mud System, water loss reducer.)

Metal and Resin Complex Fluid Loss Control

Sulphonated Asphalt. (SOLTEX equal) (A Sodium Based product used for Shale stabilizer for low and high temp zones. It also acts as a lubricant)

Sulphonated K Asphalt. (A Potassium Based product used for Shale stabilizer in low and high temp zones. It also acts as lubricant)

Extreme Pressure Lubricant (A water based lubricant)

Spotting Fluids (Stuck pipe reducer - Spot free spot fluid)

Drilling Mud Detergent, (Detergent and surfactant)

Rig Wash (detergent mainly used for washing and cleaning rig floor etc)

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