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Lone Pine Forest Products is a leading manufacturer of durable, high-quality rig mats. In business over 25 years, Lone Pine is uniquely equipped to provide the best quality rig mats at competitive prices, because we specialize in mats. Our provincial forest license and on-site sawmilling operations ensure a reliable supply of tight grain SPF lumber (spruce, pine, fir) to use in our mat building process. Unlike hardwood mats that are heavy and cumbersome to haul and maneuver, our rig mats are more cost effective to transport, yet durable enough to stand up to the rigorous demands of the oil field. Our rig mats are 100% stick welded for exceptional strength and optimum performance. Unlike assembly line facilities, our mats are carefully produced and individually inspected. Rig Mat Features: 100% stick welded, 1/2" thick cable-retainer ends, end-notched for a flat surface, four 8-1/2" tonne shackles on every mat. Lone Pine Forest Products. "Strong - Dependable - Rig Mat Specialists".

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