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Panther Drilling is a locally owned and operated drilling contractor. Our primary focus is to contract our drilling rigs to the operators drilling oil & gas wells in Southeast Saskatchewan and beyond. We are proud to say that Panther Drilling Corporation is a 100 % Saskatchewan owned and operated company. We also take pride in the fact that we employ local people on our crews, which add to the strength of our company. Many of our Hands had input into the design of Panthers rigs, which has resulted in a well built, Safe and user friendly rig. That translates into huge savings in time and money that is passed on to our customers.

The management team at Panther Drilling has over 100 years of combined experience in the Western Canadian Oilpatch. Coupled with many more combined years of experience on rigs 1 & 2 alone, Panther Drilling has the ability to troubleshoot and solve many of the day to day situations that may arise in the drilling of oil & gas wells.

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