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Pluspetrol is a private, independent, international company with over 40 years of experience in the exploration and production of oil and gas. Present in Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, United States, Netherlands, Peru and Uruguay, Pluspetrol promotes energy development and fosters activities at an international level. At our company, we use creativity and commitment to face the complexities of each operation, and we put emphasis on innovation and management skills in conducting business. Every day, we seek to reach our objectives of growth and sustainability with a view to the long-term.

Pluspetrol, with over 40 years of experience exploring for and producing hydrocarbons, continues to grow based on three fundamental pillars: being an innovative and transparent company, working with the best professionals, and operating for the future. Each new milestone in Pluspetrol is a consequence of all previous operations, a sample of the capabilities we have acquired, and of all we can do.

Through our reinvestment of profits into the business, we create a virtuous circle in which we constantly generate new opportunities. This growth is supported day after day, with actions, knowledge, and technology, but, above all else, we buttress it with a long-term vision and management capability.

Today, we feel proud: Pluspetrol’s international businesses are sustainable over time and environmentally friendly, promoting lasting relationships with the communities and the countries we operate in. We know all of these achievements are the result of a valuable teamwork, promoting in all areas creativity, knowledge and trust to compete and challenge us every day.

The commitment towards the integration of the environmental and social aspects of our operations in the company’s decisions, combined with a sustainable investment policy, will continue to characterize our effort to promote energy development at the international level.

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