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Raise Production Inc. was formed in late 2011 with the express purpose to find methods and devices to optimize highly deviated and horizontal wellbores for the oil and gas industry. The company realized that these types of wellbores were not providing maximized reserve production for operators. The company also determined that current artificial lift techniques and equipment were suited mainly for vertical wellbores and did not perform at high efficiency when landed at an angle of 45 degrees or more.

Raise Production Inc. determined that differing wellbore structures, vertical, build or curve section associated with deviations and horizontal sections all presented different and complex flow regimes that acted and interchanged in a dynamic manner as the well progressed through, frac flow back, initial production, declining frac pressure and eventually to normal declining reservoir pressures. All of these dynamic changes result in very different stages of flow. As most wells in North America require some type of artificial lift we endeavor to provide “Life of the Well” solutions in method and devices.

Nature of Business
Artificial Lift, Production Optimization

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