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Terves is the leading manufacturer of dissolvable metals and polymers that are used for making frac balls, plugs, slips, seals and several other components used in oil and gas well completion and production; and have been used for completing tens of thousands of stages in North America, Europe, South America Asia and MENA regions. Terves’ product portfolio also includes highly-engineered specialty proppants, expandable metals, acoustic imaging tools, thermites and structural reactive materials, net-shaped ceramic-metallic (cermet) nanocomposites, and high energy density supercapacitors. Terves is a strong research-based and product-focused organization that works with oil and gas majors, operators, EPC’s and OEM’s to commercialize existing products and develop new compelling products for some of the most critical challenges in oil and gas exploration, production and completion.

Nature of Business
Chemicals, Engineered Materials and Chemicals

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