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The Tri-Star Group of companies has significant experience in exploration, development and production activities.

Tri-Star is an explorer and producer which actively participates in Australia’s resources industry and the Texas petroleum industry by exploring and unlocking frontier energy and mineral resources.

This activity drives economic growth and creates local employment opportunities for the regions in which we operate.

We are involved in key aspects of the minerals and hydrocarbon supply chain, from exploration and development to production and marketing.

Tri-Star has explored petroleum opportunities in the USA, China, Argentina, India and Australia, and the company’s current tenure interests include acreage in Australia and the USA.

In the USA, our operations focus on production of conventional onshore crude oil in the Permian Basin in West Texas.

In Australia, we have been actively exploring and developing oil, gas and minerals resources for the past thirty years, particularly in Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Our extensive exploration activities, including the drilling of Queensland’s first commercial coal seam gas (CSG) well, led to the discovery and development of some of the most prospective CSG fields in the world, including Fairview, Spring Gully, Durham Ranch, Condabri, and Combabula, which underpinned the A$80 billion CSG to LNG industry in Queensland, Australia.

Tri-Star strives to conduct its business to the highest standards of safety, environmental and stakeholder management, and has a proven history of using sustainable and innovative exploration and production practices.

We hold extensive international experience across both conventional and unconventional assets. Tri-Star is committed to supporting Australia’s energy future by leveraging its financial standing and proven technical expertise in producing from multiple resource targets.

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