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Harber Coatings Inc. Have a proprietary ENC – Electroless Nickel process called InnoGuard 300™ for extreme corrosion and erosion. Please find information on our process attached, InnoGuard 300™ ENC process. HCI has a far superior product and infinitely more applicable for many of the very challenging environments your group encounter above and below ground as well as offshore. Here is information on our process called InnoGuard™300, 300H & 300M.. 300 (Rc58) is our standard coating for most items like Casing & tubing, 300H (Rc 70) is heat-treated for extreme erosion and 300M (Rc 70) is for Marine (Offshore) tubing Casing subsea wellheads, BOP's, etc. InnoGuard 300™ is 7-9 times harder than the substrate of the steel, doesn't experience any micro-cracking and very cost-effective.

Harber Coatings Inc. proprietary process of Electroless Nickel provides a wide range of advantages over other products, such advantages include durability, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, wear resistance. InnoGuard 300™ Series Electroless Nickel coating does not reduce the tensile strength of the substrate. Chemical resistivity (H2S, C02, Acids, Brines, Steam & Anti-Scaling) greatly reduces friction coefficients by 70%. Complete coating system I.D. & O.D. as well as entire thread coverage, extremely wide temperature rating (-45 C to 880 C /1600 F). Our process comes with a Lifetime Guarantee from chipping, cracking and peeling. HCI can process up to 44" diameter and Range 3 lengths of 13.5 meters/ 45ft.

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